The Reids began with the vision of bringing memorable moments to people through our shared love of music. Our belief is that live music can enhance the atmosphere of a room, creating unforgettable evenings and remarkable events.

We strive to provide everyone with not only good music, but music that is meaningful to them and their event. Before any event, we always take song requests, themes and ideas from the people we work with so that we can cater our music to you and your guests.


This is how we provide you with outstanding service and a unique musical experience.



Rob Aspinall

Guitar, Vocals and Keys

I’m a local Canberran musician who has played gigs all around the nation’s capital, and I also study performance at the ANU School of Music. Playing with The Reids is such a fulfilling experience, and creating memories for people through our love of music is one of the most rewarding and positive opportunities I have had the chance to be a part of!


Oliver Brissenden


I have been drumming for six years and I love playing any style as long as the audience is having fun! I spend my time performing with many bands in the Canberra music scene, and love playing with The Reids. From my experience with the band, there’s nothing more exciting than when the crowd gets up and starts dancing. 


Ruby Delgado

Lead  Vocals

I’m a passionate singer who is dedicated to giving vibrant, energetic performances of all kinds of music for all sorts of occasions. I love to create personal experiences connecting with audiences and sharing the same energy I feel when I perform with everyone in the room. Sharing music with others brings people together and leaves everlasting memories, which is why I am so excited to be a part of The Reids to bring moments like this to life!


Jonah Myers

Keys and Vocals

The energy of live music performance is one of my favourite things to experience, whether I’m playing originals or covers. I also have a deep love for recording and producing music in many different contexts. I have been playing piano and keyboard since before I can remember, and I’ve played in a diverse smorgasbord of bands around the Canberra region, but this is the first band I’ve been in where I play two keyboards at once!


Jack Taylor

Bass, Keys and Saxophone

I’m a multi-instrumentalist who loves to play just about any style of music. I love the feeling of being on stage, and I treasure the opportunity to share that with an audience. Music brings people together like nothing else, and I consider it a privilege to do what we do. Whether it’s playing in The Reids or writing my own songs, I’m beyond thankful for the opportunity to make music everyday